Basil pesto

How to Make Homemade Basil Pesto

Here is how I make classic basil pesto at home. It’s incredibly simple and flavorful, while only using a handful of fresh ingredients.

Here is my absolute favorite recipe for homemade basil pesto. It’s classic simple, flavorful, and oh-so-fresh! Homemade basil pesto is much easier than you think and tastes worlds better than anything coming from a jar.

You’ll need a few very basic ingredients, which can be subbed for similar ingredients as noted in the recipe below. For a twist, I like to add a bit cayenne. Instead of pine nuts, I love using walnuts. See more variations below.

You’ll also need a food processor. The ingredients blend together rather easily, so if you don’t have a fancy schmancy food processor, no worries! It will still taste like pesto and it will still be remarkably good. You can’t go wrong. (Pesto is really that easy.)

I like to add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Not much, but just enough to brighten everything up and really make it stand out from other pestos I’ve had.

Basil pesto is my favorite multi-purpose sauce. Its nutty, cheesy, garlic flavor goes with… well… just about anything! Stumped for ways to use it? Here are ways I enjoy pesto.

Some serving suggestions:

  • Pesto tortellini: served as a sauce over cooked tortellini with parmesan cheese and fresh diced tomatoes.
  • Pesto bruschetta: bake slices of a fresh baguette in a 400°F (204°C) oven until golden. Top with pesto, parmesan cheese, and fresh diced tomatoes.
  • Pesto veggie sandwich: spread pesto mixed with mayonnaise on toasted bread, add favorite cheese, greens, and tomato.
  • Pesto grilled cheese: brush 2 slices thick-cut crusty bread with pesto, add provolone or cheddar, butter the outs >

Do you like pesto? What are ways you enjoy it?

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