Pork today compares favorably for fat, calories and cholesterol with many other meats and poultry. While providing a greater amount of vitamins and minerals, many cuts of pork are as lean or leaner than chicken.

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Pork How-To

Learn pork cooking fundamentals with our library of short and simple videos. Our Pork Cooking Basics videos include instructions on baking pork chops, brining pork chops and breading pork chops. Learn how to make a simple spiral ham, delicious pulled pork or a versatile pork tenderloin.

Cooking Temperature

Finding the correct pork cooking temperature is the final step in plating a perfectly juicy, tender cut of meat.

Pork Nutrition

In the marketplace today, lean, nutrient-rich pork is versatile, affordable and accessible for many Americans. Pork has many beneficial qualities to make pork easy to incorporate into any healthy and balanced diet.

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