White bean salad

Recipe: Tomato and Feta White Bean Salad

Here’s a simple yet satisfying salad to make for dinner tonight. If you’ve got a couple cans of white beans in your pantry, you’re already halfway there. Drain the beans and toss in as many juicy, in-season cherry tomatoes as you can possibly fit in the bowl; add a few big handfuls of tangy, salty feta and plenty of chopped fresh parsley and oregano; and then dress the whole mess in a sharp, aromatic shallot vinaigrette. The result is a flavor-packed salad that feels hearty yet still light and fresh enough to fit the season.

A Fast Salad for Slow Summer Days

This recipe comes together in just a few minutes, which ensures that it wins on busy weeknights. It’s definitely main course-worthy if you’re craving a filling meatless (and gluten-free) dinner or lunch, but it also works well as a side. Pair it with grilled meat or fish or tote it to your next potluck to join the spread of sides for the crowd’s burgers and hot dogs. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy it, it’s sure to become a summer standby.

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